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Captain John is the top destination for Whale Watching and Deep-sea Fishing in all of Massachusetts. Whale sightings are guaranteed!

Take Your Group on a Whale Watching Tour

Whale Watching ToursEvery fun experience is more fun when you enjoy it with your close friends or family. Fortunately, you can participate in humpback whale watching tours in Plymouth with more than twenty other people. Continue reading for a look at what you will experience when you take your group on a whale watching tour.

Although you are welcome to embark on a ferry and enjoy a whale watching tour on your own, many people enjoy sharing this experience with friends. Captain John's Whale Watching and Fishing Tours provide educational excursions into the deep sea for small and large groups. Our captain and crew are happy to offer fun facts and interesting information throughout the whale watching tour. You can call in and find out exactly how Captain John's crew can help you customize a whale watching tour for twenty or more individuals. Our tours even feature beverages as well as hot and cold food options so you can stay satisfied on every level throughout the tour. Taking a group on a whale watching tour can turn out to be one of the most exciting and adventurous experiences that you and your friends will have together.

Essential Deep Sea Fishing Tips

Whether you're preparing to go cod fishing or you're getting your rods ready for some quality flounder fishing, there are a few tips and tricks you may want to try during your upcoming fishing tour in order to get the best catch. Deep sea fishing differs greatly from standard freshwater fishing, but once you get the hang of it, you're sure to have a great time and to return to land with a prize or two. Here are a few essential deep sea fishing tips:

Keep a Lookout for Wildlife
Once you've set out on your fishing tour, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for signs of wildlife in the waters around you. Large mammals, such as dolphins, are typically a surefire sign that there are some larger fish in the area, as these animals like to feed on fatty fish like cod and mackerel.

boat fishing trolling panoramic rod and reels blue sea

Stay On Deck to Calm Sea Sickness
If you're finding it difficult to find your sea legs while on your fishing tour, be sure to ask your captain or guide for tips on avoiding further discomfort. Typically, the best strategy for fighting sea sickness is to remain on deck and to focus on the horizon. If you find it difficult to focus on the horizon, try closing your eyes for a while until you're ready to continue cod or flounder fishing.

Know Which Bait Works Best
Another essential tip to consider while out on your deep sea fishing tour is to use the proper bait. For example, experienced fishermen know that stripers can't resist soft crab and that tuna often respond well to mackerel on the end of a line. The seasoned cod fishing and flounder fishing professionals leading your tour can help you choose the right bait to snag that perfect catch.

Your chances of catching a spectacular fish while out on the ocean increase dramatically when you work with an experienced fishing tour company. Here at Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours, we're proud to call ourselves one of the original fishing tour companies in the Plymouth area. Find out more about our history and our tours by calling us today at (508) 746-2643.

Getting Ready for Your Whale Watching Excursion

breaching grey whale whatching

Going on a whale watching excursion with Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours is an unforgettable experience that you and your family will remember for years. If you're preparing to go on one of our whale watching tours, get ready for your adventure by packing the right equipment and knowing what to expect. Be sure to bring along sunscreen as well as an extra jacket that you can use in case the weather changes and becomes cooler while we're out on the water. We also recommend that you bring a camera on board so that you can document the wildlife you see during the tour.

Be sure to ask our staff any important questions you may have about preparing for your whale watching excursion before it begins. You can learn even more about what to expect on the tour by calling Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours in Plymouth today at (508) 746-2643.

A Look at Some Amazing Facts about Whales

Of all the creatures in the sea, few are considered as incredible and awe-inspiring as whales. If you're hoping to catch a glimpse of these gentle giants during an upcoming whale watching tours, be sure to take a look at the information below to discover some interesting information about the lives of these mysterious mammals.

Whales Never Fully Sleep
In order to get a bit of shuteye each day, whales become semi-conscious, meaning they only shut down half of their brain. They do this in order to remain alert enough to breathe out of their blowholes. Unlike land-roaming mammals, whales are conscious breathers and have to remain near the surface as they sleep in order to continue taking in enough air.

Blue Whale

The Blue Whale Is the Largest of All Whales
Not only is the blue whale the largest species of whale, but it is also the largest mammal in the world and, as far as scientists can tell, the largest animal that has ever existed on the planet. Researchers have yet to unearth any dinosaur fossils that rival the sheer size of a blue whale. Blue whales easily dwarf whale watching boats, but are rarely seen on the East Coast since they are more heavily concentrated in the North Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Whales Are Classified by Their Eating Habits
Scientists classify whales into two major categories based on their diet. Baleen whales eat krill and plankton, while toothed whales feed on fish and small mammals. It's not uncommon to see a group of toothed whales working together while cod fishing or hunting for seals. With an average speed of 30 miles per hour, it's no surprise that whales are adept at hunting and fishing.

Now that you know some useful facts about whales, it's time to get out onto the water to catch a glimpse of some in person. The team here at Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours has over 60 years of experience in providing tourists and locals with unforgettable whale watching adventures. To find out how you can book one of our tours, contact us today at (508) 746-2643.

A Guide to Deep Sea Fishing

Are you getting ready to embark on your very first deep sea fishing trip? While deep sea fishing is an exciting and incredibly rewarding activity, it's also one that requires a bit of advanced preparation as well as patience. In order to make sure that your trip is a successful one, begin your preparations by selecting a good fishing company with a solid reputation.

Once you've found a reputable fishing company to take you deep sea fishing, inquire about equipment, food, and other items you may need to bring yourself as well as what sort of expectations you should have about the trip. For more information on deep sea fishing, check out this helpful video.

If you're interested in spending an afternoon deep sea fishing with family and friends, contact Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. You can find out what makes us the best choice for deep sea fishing adventures by visiting our website or calling us at (508) 746-2643.

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