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Spotlight on Finback Whales

During your whale watching trip in Cape Cod, you may be lucky enough to spot a finback whale. These gentle giants are the second largest animal on Earth, and they can reach up to 90 feet in length. Finback whales can be identified by their large size and uniquely slender bodies. Their long bodies allow these whales to cut through the water and travel at incredibly high speeds. The incredible finback whale is found in all of the major oceans on Earth. Throughout the year, finback whales make a seasonal migration from north to south.

If you have questions about the types of whales that you can expect to see when you go whale watching, contact Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours by calling (508) 927-5575. We offer both fishing charters and whale watching serving Plymouth, and you are sure to find that our whale watching tours are both fun and informative.