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Give Your Students Memories to Last with a Whale Watching Excursion

There’s not too much of a purpose in learning a lesson if it’s immediately forgotten, but there are ways to make sure the point sticks. If your students are learning about marine biology, a whale watching excursion could be a perfect experience. Read on and give your students memories to last.

When you see a whale in person, chances are you won’t forget the experience any time soon. This may be even more true for younger students, who may find themselves in awe watching the largest mammals they’ve ever seen jump out of the water. Some fishing and whale watching charters even offer onboard lessons, making them perfect for class field trips. Knowledgeable marine educators will be on board to answer students’ questions about whales, fish, and marine life in general. There is plenty to learn about the oceans, and a whale watching excursion will ensure that students don’t forget.

If you want to give your students the unforgettable memory of whale watching serving Plymouth, call Captain John Boats at (508) 927-5575. Our whale watching and fishing tours are as fun as they are educational. Visit our website for an inside look.