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Look at These Rare Fish Swimming Around P-Town's Harbor

If you are leaving on the P-Town Fast Ferry or starting out on a deep sea fishing tour, then keep an eye out for rare fish you may not see anywhere else. Black sea bass, Atlantic sturgeon, and shortnose sturgeon are just a few rare fish that might be hiding along Cape Cod’s coast. Read on for a better look at these rarely-seen fish.

  • Black sea bass are commonly found south of Cape Cod. However, these fish are migratory and will often arrive in Cape Cod during late spring.
  • Atlantic sturgeon will spawn in freshwater. However, they will spend most of their lives in coastal habitats.
  • Shortnose sturgeon are often confused with Atlantic sturgeon, though its mouth is much wider than the Atlantic species. Shortnose also spawn in freshwater, but they can be found in saltwater habitats during the winter.

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