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Common FAQs for Whale Watching Novices

Seeing whales up-close and in person is an incredible experience, and a whale watching tour will allow you to do just that. If you’re new to whale watching, think about what you’ll wear on the boat. You might also wonder if you’ll definitely see a whale, and if so, how close you’ll be. Read on for some frequently asked questions for whale watching novices.

What should I wear?

You have to hope for the best but plan for the worst when you go whale watching. The best course of action is to dress in layers so you can take off extra clothing to make yourself more comfortable. It tends to get chilly when you’re out on the water, especially in the cooler months. On the other hand, you might find yourself bombarded with sunshine. Wear a sweatshirt and a jacket so you can keep yourself comfortable, and don’t forget to pack sunblock.

Will I see a whale?

It would be a bummer to spend your hard-earned money on a whale watching trip if you didn’t actually see any whales, but the good news is that you can usually count on a couple of sightings. As long as you research the business that takes you on your whale watching excursion, you should know what to expect. If you don’t end up seeing a whale on your trip, the crew may reimburse you or give you a voucher to go on another trip in the future so you can see what all the excitement is about.

How close will we get?

There are a few factors that determine how close you’re able to get to a whale, so it’s a good idea to bring binoculars in case you can’t get too close. You may very well get close enough to see these majestic animals without needing binoculars at all, but it’s better to bring them just in case.

If you’re interested in whale watching serving Plymouth, call Captain John Boats at (508) 927-5575. Our website has information about our deep sea fishing trips and whale watching tours, so take a look today.

A Look at How Field Trips Benefit Young Learners

Kids learn in many different ways, and some children benefit most from more immersive experiences. Taking a ferry to go whale watching is a memorable experience, and it allows kids to learn in a more interactive way. Look into the Floating Classroom and continue reading for a look at how field trips can benefit young learners.

More Memory Attachment

The more you stimulate the senses, the more the young student stands to learn. That’s why field trips can be so academic in addition to being fun and fulfilling. There are a lot of cues that children can use to retrieve the knowledge they picked up on their whale watching or deep sea fishing trip, and this helps the information stick better. By changing up the normal routine, you give your students an opportunity to learn in a brand new way that leaves a more lasting impression.

Interactive Learning

Some children learn best by reading, while others are more visually focused. When you actually bring the kids out of the classroom and physically engage them in the criteria that they’re learning about, they can combine these methods of learning and get the most out of the experience. Field trips allow young students to immerse themselves in whale watching or deep sea fishing, so they have real life experiences to look back on when they’re thinking about the material. The deep interaction between the learner and the material brings the lesson to life.

The Floating Classroom

Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours offers a special kind of field trip called the Floating Classroom. On this excursion the crew will take students and their chaperones out on a boat so they can fully engage with the marine life that they’re learning about.

Young children can learn a lot from hands-on experiences like being on a ferry in Plymouth, so talk to the crew at Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours to set up a field trip. You can call us at (508) 927-5575 to learn about our whale watching excursions and deep sea fishing trips.

Starting Your Whale Watching Trip from P-Town

You may know it as Provincetown, but the locals call it P-Town. This area is an excellent place to visit if you like seafood, deep sea fishing, or being out on the water, and there’s plenty for the whole family to enjoy. Keep reading if you’re thinking about starting your whale watching trip from P-Town.

Not everyone has seen a whale in person, but those who have know just how majestic of a show the sight can be. If you’re planning on visiting P-Town, you should take the opportunity to book a whale watching trip. Just remember to check the forecast and dress appropriately, as it can get cold when you’re out on the water. You may encounter several different species of whales, and they can be as big as 70 feet in length. Rest assured that whale watching charters have clean bathrooms for your convenience, and some of them serve snacks and beverages as well.

Whale watching in Plymouth and Provincetown is an exciting adventure for the whole family, so call Captain John Boats at (508) 927-5575. We also offer deep sea fishing trips, and you can learn all about us by visiting our website.

Tips for Better Saltwater Fishing

You have to start somewhere, but keep practicing from there. If you’re interested in deep sea fishing, talk to pro anglers and hone your skills. Watch this video for some tips for better saltwater fishing.

Knowing the weather is key to having a good day on the water. Check the forecast before you head out, and understand the danger of rough weather. Keep your fishing gear clean to maximize its lifespan, and replace hooks and lures when they start to rust. If you want to keep the fish you caught, cover it with ice without letting it soak, and then clean it as soon as you can. If you’re letting the fish go, use wet gloves when you handle it.

Practice your skills by booking a deep sea fishing trip with Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. Call us at (508) 927-5575 if you’re interested in deep sea fishing trips near Plymouth.

A Look at Common Humpback Whale Myths

Most of us know a little bit about whales: They live underwater but they’re not fish, and they’re some of the most massive animals on the planet. If you want to show off your knowledge when you go out on a whale watching trip, you should know how to separate the myths from the facts. Read on for a look at some common myths.

All humpback whales sing.

Those of us who are lucky enough to hear a whale’s song understand that it’s a special experience, but is it really all humpback whales that join the choir? Actually, the singing you hear on your whale watching tour is likely coming from a male humpback in particular. Male humpbacks tend to sing for about 20 minutes at a time, and they change the songs they sing. You can sometimes hear these songs from 20 miles away, but the experience is even better when you’re up-close. We still don’t necessarily know why male humpbacks sing the way they do, but the songs are enjoyable to witness.

Males are bigger than females.

While it’s not impossible to come across an adult male humpback that’s bigger than an adult female, the opposite is usually the case. Female baleen whales tend to be larger than males in general, and such is the case with humpbacks. This could be because all of the parenting responsibilities fall on the females, so they may need energy reserves to share with their offspring.

Numbers are on the decline.

Thanks to a great deal of conservation efforts, the number of humpback whales in the ocean is actually increasing, not decreasing. Whaling continues to be a threat, however, and they are still listed as endangered. The good news is that there are certain areas that are considering removing them from the endangered list.

Humpback whale watching in Plymouth is even more interesting when you know a little bit about them, so call Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours at (508) 927-5575 to venture out into the ocean. Check out our deep sea charters and whale watching excursions by visiting our website.

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