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Blog Page of Captain John Boats | Captain John is the top destination for Whale Watching and Deep-sea Fishing in all of Massachusetts. Whale sightings are guaranteed!

Experiencing the Majesty of Whales

Despite their size, humpback whales are one of the most athletic mammals in the ocean—at least you’d think so by the way they propel their body out of the water. Jumping that high is no easy task when you’re over 40 feet long and weigh more than a ton, but the humpback whale makes it look easy. To see the glorious humpback whale in action, check out this short video clip that was shot nearby off the coast of Massachusetts.

This is a great video, but it doesn’t compare to the majesty and amazement of seeing humpback whales in real life. Fortunately, Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours can help your dreams come true. We offer whale watching excursions off the coast of Massachusetts, and we guarantee a whale sighting during your trip. To learn more about our whale watching tours, contact us online or call us today at (508) 746-2643. 

Special Occasion on the Horizon? Celebrate with a Private Fishing Charter!

Do you have an event to plan or a party to throw? Make it a memorable one by scheduling a private fishing charter or special cruise on Cape Cod. Read on to find out more about the events that Captain John Whale Watching & Fish Tours has catered to.


Bachelor Parties

If you are appointed to be the best man in your friend’s wedding, it is your responsibility to throw the bachelor party. But a bachelor party need not be your stereotypical night out. Why not make it a classy affair, instead? We offer charters for both day and night, and have years of experience serving bachelor parties.


Do you have a milestone birthday coming up? If so, nothing will help you remember the occasion more fondly than a private boat charter. Invite your friends and family to enjoy a day or night on the Cape, complete with good food, fishing, or even whale watching.

Corporate Events

Are you ready to treat your employees to a relaxing day or night on Cape Cod? Opt for a private boat charter to demonstrate your gratitude towards your employees. We have catered to many a corporate event, and can personalize your party based on budget, size, and personal preference.


To ensure that your fundraiser is a success, you should show the invitees the best time possible. With a private fishing charter, your guests will get a superb view of Cape Cod. They will have an excellent memory of the success of your fundraiser, which is helpful if you plan to organize more of them.

Special Reunion

With room for up to 250 people, our private fishing charters on Cape Cod are one of the best possible locations for a family or class reunion, or for an activity following a reunion. We welcome DJs, karaoke, and bands.

Offering full-day and half-day charters, Captain John Whale Watching & Fish Tours of Plymouth, MA is your source for a party or event to remember. Call us at (508) 746-2643 or visit our website to learn more about our boat charters.

Treating the Ocean with Respect

Wood End Lighthouse, Provincetown, Cape Cod

To ensure that our marine wildlife stay healthy and safe, it’s important for Cape Cod visitors and inhabitants to be respectful and responsible in their encounters with the marine habitat.

If you are in Cape Cod, the National Marine Sanctuary Program suggests that you learn a little bit about the local habitat, keep your distance from marine wildlife, and always avoid touching wildlife. Furthermore, it is important that you never feed wildlife, because it can cause the animal sickness or even death. Never harass wildlife, and be sure that you keep your pets away from wildlife as well. If you want to be a responsible citizen of the environment, carry a trash bag and pick up any garbage you find while you are on the beach or on the water.

At Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours, we are committed to environmental responsibility. We are thoroughly knowledgeable on eco-friendly boating practices, and make an effort to ensure that any visitors on our boats understand the importance of being respectful to the environment. Call us at (508) 746-2643 or visit our website to learn more about our private boat charters, whale watching, and fishing tours.

A Rare Find In the Waters of Cape Cod

It’s not unusual to find a vast assortment of wildlife when you’re boating or fishing in Cape Cod. Once in a while, it’s even possible to find rare, endangered species. Watch the video to see one of the rare animals found in Cape Cod.  

The blue lobster, which was pulled from the waters of Cape Cod, is an extremely rare animal. According to the University of Maine’s Lobster institute, only one in two million lobsters is blue. To admire the beauty of the blue lobster, watch this video clip.

Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours understands the excitement that comes with spotting rare species. In the state of Massachusetts, we are the top destination for whale watching and deep-sea fishing. Visit our website or call us at (508) 746-2643 to learn more about our guaranteed whale sighting trips.

How to Host a Successful Fundraiser

To raise as much money as you can for your next fundraiser, you must plan a memorable event. That way, your invitees will enjoy themselves and see how much effort you have put into planning the event and raising money for the cause. Heed these tips to ensure a successful fundraiser.

Enjoying her career

Reverse Raffle

Instead of raffling away a fabulous prize, mix things up and host a reverse raffle, where the winner is awarded a mildly embarrassing prize. Tell your invitees that if they want to avoid being the recipient of such a prize, they can sell their raffle ticket back to the organization.

Accept Direct Action Donations

While there are certainly some people who will donate to an organization and its mission, more people will donate if they know exactly what their money is going to be helping accomplish. If you say that a certain donation amount will allow your organization to accomplish a specific cause—such as paying for a certain number of meals for hungry children or a certain number of bricks to be used for a new building—you will probably have more success.

Allow People to Work

Donations are a great way to get people involved in your organization, but there are probably a large number of people who would like to contribute more than just their money. While you plan your next fundraiser, you should also put together a plan to hold a “pay to volunteer” event where people can donate in order to help accomplish a certain activity. You can announce your plans for this volunteer event at the fundraiser to generate excitement.

Of course, probably the most important aspect of hosting a successful fundraiser is to hold the event in a unique setting, such as a private charter boat on Cape Cod. At Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours of Plymouth, MA, we have years of experience catering for fundraisers. Call us at (508) 746-2643 or visit our website to read more about our services.

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