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Fileting Your Freshly Caught Pollock

One of the best parts of a day of deep sea fishing is coming home and cooking your fresh catch. Pollock is plentiful on Cape Cod fishing charters, so this video will help you prepare your catch so you can enjoy it after your day on the water.

In this video, you’ll learn how to filet your pollock from start to finish, from removing the filet portion of the fish to removing the small bones that remain so that it is ready to cook. Keep in mind that you will need a very sharp knife for the best results.

Are you ready to try out your fileting skills? Schedule a deep sea fishing excursion near Plymouth with Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. Make an appointment for a fishing charter today by calling (508) 927-5575.

Planning a Winter Trip to Provincetown

Although most people think of Provincetown—or P-town—as a top summer destination, there’s a lot to love about making a wintertime trip to this coastal paradise. The crowds are much thinner in the winter, so you get to experience P-town like a local, and while you probably won’t want to take a dip in the water of the area’s renowned beaches, the wintertime seaside scenery has a charm all its own. P-town doesn’t stop having fun when the weather gets cold, so here are some tips for planning your winter trip.

Take the Fast Ferry

Year-round, the best way to get to P-town is to board the Provincetown Fast Ferry. The ferry leaves from the State Pier at 77 Water Street in Plymouth at 10 a.m., and the journey takes approximately 90 minutes. The cabin is climate-controlled, so you’ll be comfortable throughout the journey, as you take in the sites along Plymouth Harbor and Cape Cod Bay. A full-service galley is available on board, along with clean restrooms.

Indulge Your Artistic Side

Winter is the perfect time to explore all of P-town’s art galleries. As America’s oldest art colony, you’ll always find some new and unique as you visit the local art spaces. Hop from gallery to gallery to see all of the town’s collections, from the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, where you’ll find a variety of fine arts disciplines as well as educational programs, to the White Porch Gallery, where you’ll find traditional and contemporary art from across the world.

Satisfy Your Taste Buds
Winter doesn’t slow down the restaurant scene in P-town. Most of the restaurants are locally owned, and you’ll find everything from local seafood to tacos and fine dining and farm-to-table menus. Many restaurants offer wintertime specials, so you can taste the local flavor for less.

Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours brings P-town to you with our ferry services. You can find out more about our ferry in Plymouth and the rest of our services, including deep sea fishing and whale watching tours, by calling (508) 927-5575.

Sailing the Plymouth Harbor on the Pilgrim Belle

If you want to see Plymouth Harbor the way that the Pilgrims did, then you need to cruise on the Pilgrim Belle. The Pilgrim Belle is a good way to get the lay of the land if it is your first time in Plymouth or a chance to see the area from a new vantage point if you are a regular visitor.

The Pilgrim Belle is a paddle boat without a conventional propeller, so your cruise will be a step back in time. The Plymouth Harbor is known for its smooth water, since it is protected from the wind, so this is an ideal excursion for people who are hesitant to take part in whale watching or fishing charters. Snacks, beverages, beer, wine, and cocktails are available on the hour-long cruise, so you can sit back and relax as you take in the scenery.

This Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours cruise leaves from the Mayflower II dock in the heart of Plymouth. To book your tour on the Pilgrim Belle, call us today at (508) 927-5575.

Tips for Staying Warm During a Cold Weather Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Deep sea fishing can lead to a great haul in the winter, but staying warm while on board can be a challenge. Fortunately, with a few tricks and tips, you can stay comfortable during your journey without compromising the catch you bring in. As you board a fishing charter during the winter, follow this advice to stay warm.

Look to Layers

To make sure you’re comfortable throughout your fishing trip—not too hot, nor too cold—then dress in layers. Layering allows you to adjust the way you’re dressed according to how you feel. If you get too warm, you can shed a few layers, and if you get cold, you can add them back on again. Your core layer should always be made of a fabric that keeps moisture away from your body, such as cotton.

Pay Attention to Your Hands and Feet

If your hands and feet don’t stay warm and dry, you could feel miserable for the entire fishing trip. Wear gloves that keep your hands dry and warm, and bring multiple pairs, so you can change them if they get wet. For your feet, wear thin, cotton socks against your skin, and then cover them with thicker socks made of wool or another material designed to keep out the cold. Insulated boots will also help.

Protect Your Core

If your body’s core stays warm during your trip, you’ll be much more comfortable. Make sure that at least some of your layers of clothing are large enough to remain securely tucked in while you’re fishing. If they are not, your midriff could be exposed, which will allow the warmth inside your layers of clothing to escape.

At Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours, your comfort is our priority on all of our fishing charters, no matter the time of year. You can learn more about our deep sea fishing charters in Plymouth by calling (508) 927-5575.

How to Take Amazing Photos on Your Whale Watching Tour

Whale watching is a fantastic activity to schedule during your next trip to Cape Cod. When you are out on the whale watching boat, you and your family members will have spectacular views of humpback whales and other types of wildlife. To capture memories of your tour, make sure to bring your camera along on the boat. Let’s take a look at how to take amazing photos on your whale watching tour.

Bring the Right Accessories

Taking photos on a boat requires more planning and preparation than completing a photo shoot on land. Before you embark on your whale watching tour, make sure that you are equipped with the accessories that you will need to take pictures successfully. A camera strap, waterproof cover, and warm jacket are all critical accessories for your journey.

Choose the Correct Lens

In order to take stunning shots of the whales that you encounter during your tour, you will need to ensure that your camera is equipped with the right lens. In the United States, boats are required to stay at least 200 yards away from the whales that are being observed. To catch a stellar shot, consider bringing a zoom lens that is ready to capture the action.

Select the Ideal Settings

Whether you shoot with a manual or automatic camera, it is critical to adjust your camera to the ideal settings for capturing animals in nature. Since you may only have a few seconds to photograph a breaching whale, consider setting your camera to its action settings. Keep in mind that you will also need to adjust your aperture and shutter speed for the weather conditions and lighting that you encounter at sea.

If you want to capture amazing photographs of whales in the wild, book a whale watching tour with Captain John Whale Watching Tours. Along with our fishing charters, we also offer humpback whale watching in Plymouth. To reserve a place on one of our upcoming tours, give us a call at (508) 927-5575.

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