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Getting to Know Our Floating Classroom

whale watching plymouthAre you looking for a fun and educational experience to share with your classroom? Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours offers a Floating Classroom that teaches children about the ocean around them. As they learn about their world, your students may also have the chance to do some whale watching from the deck of our two-story Floating Classroom.

Once on board, you and your students will have the opportunity to learn by our onboard tidal pool. There, you will find live sea specimens, such as spider crabs and sea stars. Your marine educator will teach your group the many interesting facts about the ocean’s flora and fauna, and how important they all are to the survival of the ocean. This is an unforgettable opportunity for the entire classroom to learn about the ocean and its many inhabitants.

To get your class on our Floating Classroom, call Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours at (508) 927-5575. We have several deep sea fishing excursions available, as well as fishing charters, whale watching, and a ferry in Plymouth. Call us or visit us online to learn more.

How to Set Your Hook

Before you go deep sea fishing, watch this short video to learn the basics of setting your hook. When you feel the slight tug of a fish nipping at your bait and hook, you want to “set the hook” by pulling hard on your rod and fishing line.

To improve your reaction time, keep your body in a relaxed standing position, with your feet about shoulder-width apart and your knees slightly bent. If you have any difficulties, your fishing charter captain can give you some additional pointers.

The next time you’re looking for a fishing charter, call Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours at (508) 927-5575. We provide some of the greatest whale watching and deep sea fishing trips near Plymouth.

Getting the Facts About Deep Sea Fishing

When you take your family deep sea fishing, you give them an experience they won’t soon forget. You spend a morning or afternoon catching fish, and eat your catch for dinner that night. If you are currently considering going deep sea fishing, read on to learn more about what deep sea fishing involves.

Reefs and Wrecks fishing tour plymouth

Fish love to hide, whether it’s among the various plants and foliage under the sea or in reefs and shipwrecks. All kinds of fish hide in the pockets and crevices created by these structures, but you may find some fish on the outer edges of the reef or wreck, too. Whether you’re trying to catch the reef-dwelling fish or those on the outer edge, try anchoring the boat and dropping your bait near the structure.

Current and Temperature Variations

Whenever there is a disruption in the water current or temperature, nutrient-filled water is churned and brought up from the bottom. This water feeds the entire food chain of fish, and sends predatory fish into a frenzy. If your fishing charter can find these disruptions, you should have a lucrative fishing trip. Many times, you can locate these areas by seeing fish eating around or at the water’s surface. You can also look for birds flying and diving into the frenzy as a good indication.

Deep Sea Charters

Look for an accomplished fishing charter that can provide you and your family with a one-of-a-kind deep sea fishing experience. Ask the charter company and captain several questions to be sure you’re getting the experience you want. For example, you might ask, how long is the trip, and what will you be fishing for? If you want to keep the fish to eat, ask about the boat’s policy, and what kind of bait and lure is recommended.

Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours has a variety of fishing tours near Plymouth. Whether you’re looking for a group charter or a private charter, call us at (508) 927-5575 to make a reservation.

Fun Things to Do in Provincetown, Massachusetts

Whether you are visiting Provincetown for the first time or you’re a seasoned visitor looking for something to do in your spare time, you won’t be disappointed with the many offerings of this coastal gem. Keep reading for a taste of the exciting events you can engage in—including whale watching and art festivals.

Whale Watching whale watch plymouth

When you are visiting Provincetown, be sure to check out whale watching tours, available between April and October. One of the best locations to see humpback whales, dolphins, and fish, Provincetown offers many one-of-a-kind tours for your whale watching pleasure.

Tour the Pilgrim Monument

Between 1907 and 1910, a 252-foot monument was erected to commemorate the Pilgrims’ first landing. This tower rises above Provincetown’s landscape, and for a small fee, you can climb to the top. You can also explore the attached history museum. Depending on when you arrive in Provincetown, you might do a historical tour of the surrounding homes in September, or you can watch the Lighting of the Pilgrim Monument in November.

Playwright Festivals

Provincetown and New England have been the home to many playwrights. Each spring and fall Provincetown citizens host a Playwright Festival. In May and September, you will find several writers and their plays showcased throughout town. Also in September, you can attend the Tennessee Williams Festival to learn about one of America’s most prolific playwrights. You will also have the opportunity to see many of his plays performed around town.

Scenic Tours

If you are in the mood for a more relaxing weekend, try out a scenic tour of Provincetown. There are many biking trails that can take you through the forest and near the ocean. Or, you may enjoy a nice drive along the coast, where you can see the sand dunes and gorgeous Provincetown at your leisure.

No matter when you visit Provincetown, you will find something exciting and educational for the entire family to enjoy. Call Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours for the greatest fishing charters and whale watching near Plymouth. You can reach us online or at (508) 927-5575.

A Look at Deep Sea Fishing

You should consider going on a deep sea fishing excursion during your next vacation to Cape Cod. Your deep-sea fishing tour guide will take you to the best spots for catching fish, and instruct you on the most appropriate bait and techniques to use when deep sea fishing. You can ask the fishing charter captain and crew for help or advice with equipment, reeling in a fish, luring a fish, or unhooking a fish. For a small fee, you can even have your fish cleaned and filleted by a crewmember of your charter fishing tour.

If you’re interested in learning more about deep sea fishing trips near Plymouth, come see us at Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. We can do group deep sea fishing excursions, and private deep sea fishing charters. To learn more about our fishing charter rates and schedules, call us today at (508) 927-5575.

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