What You Might Catch On Your New England Deep Sea Fishing Tour | Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours

Deep sea fishing is a great experience for both the casual and the passionate fisher. Off the coast of Plymouth, Massachusetts, there are a variety of fish to be caught just a short fishing tour away.

Fishing Reel

Some of the fish you can expect to catch from a deep sea fishing tour in New England are cod, pollock, haddock, mackerel, flounder, and bluefish. Here, we’ll highlight just a few of those:

  • Cod . Cod can be caught either by bait or jig. The great thing about cod fishing is that they’re not picky eaters. Just about anything will work as bait, but most fishers prefer clam. Casual fishers are more likely to enjoy fishing by bait, while fishers looking for more of a challenge will try using a jig.
  • Pollock. Fishing for pollock in the deep sea requires a heavy weight and strong line. You’ll need to lower your line to the sea bed when the skipper tells you it’s a good time to lower your rig. Also, find out from your skipper what color lures the pollock have been hitting on the past few days and how deep your rig should be set for.

To experience cod, or Pollock fishing for yourself, contact Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours in Plymouth, Massachusetts. We offer whales watching and fishing tours, serving Plymouth, South Shore, Boston, Cape Cod, Hyannis, and surrounding areas. Visit our website or call us at (508) 746-2646 to reserve your spot on a tour today.

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