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    Since the ocean is so vast and flat on the surface, many people consider it to be boring. In reality, there’s so much going on in the ocean that creatures often appear above-water! For more information, give Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours a call at (508) 746-2646.

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    Beluga Watchers

  • Take Your Biology Students on the Ultimate Field Trip in a Floating Classroom | Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing

    You can lecture for hours in a classroom, but no lesson sticks quite like first-hand experience. Trying to get kids to learn in a classroom setting can sometimes be very challenging, but out on a field trip, students have so much fun that they don’t even realize they’re learning.

    Tourist Whale Watching

    Here are a few great subjects your students can learn about while aboard a floating classroom:   


    • The Ocean

    There’s no better place to learn about the ocean than on the open sea. Using the vast expanse as a model, you can teach your students all about why the oceans exist, why they’re salty, why we have waves, and many other interesting lessons.


    • Marine Navigation

    Another great lesson for students is how ships navigate through the sea. A licensed U.S. Coast Guard Captain can take the kids to the bridge and show them the radar, depth finders, radio communication systems, and other interesting high-tech instruments.  


    • Marine Life

    As whales, birds, and other marine creatures show themselves, you’ll have the perfect opportunity to teach your students all about their life cycles, migration patterns, and more. You can also use this opportunity to discuss how marine life is interdependent, from the humpback whale down to the sea anemone. 


    • Environmental Concerns

    Once you speak to your students about life under the sea, you can then explain how to protect it . Talking about the environment in the classroom is one thing, but taking students out to see the ocean itself can really drive home how beautiful and important it is.


    If you’re looking to take your students on an exciting and unconventional field trip, then contact Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. No matter how varied your students’ interests are, our floating classroom provides a little something for everyone. Give us a call today at (508) 746-2646 to book a field trip—you and your students will love it!