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Since the ocean is so vast and flat on the surface, many people consider it to be boring. In reality, there’s so much going on in the ocean that creatures often appear above-water! For more information, give Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours a call at (508) 746-2646.

  • Throwing a bachelor party for your buddy is a great way to send him off on the journey that is marriage. Show him a great time with an ocean trip that incorporates these ideas from TheKnot.com.
  • Are you a novice fisherman? Get some excellent fishing tips from TakeMeFishing.org.
  • The ocean is as full of wonder as it is large. To learn more about the beautiful creatures found inside of it, head over to the National Geographic website. 
  • Want to know what you can do to protect the ocean ? Find out at this page from MarineBio.org.
  • AtlanticWhales.com describes some of the many fascinating species of whale that can be spotted in the northwest Atlantic ocean.

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