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If sport fishing is your passion, then a fishing tour off Cape Cod is a bucket list must. During the fishing season, the waters around the Cape are teeming with bass, tuna, and other prime game fish.

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To find out more about what you can expect from fishing near Cape Cod, when the best time to fish is, and how to utilize your angling time in the area, continue reading:

Game Fishing: A Cape Cod Tradition

Long before white settlers first set foot on North American soil, the waters near present-day Cape Cod served as a primary food source for the region’s native populations. Later settlers to the region continued to derive much of what was served at the dinner table from the Cape’s waters. Shortly after the Civil War, word of Cape Cod’s beauty spread—and with it, news of the fishing opportunities the waters held. Today, Cape Cod is world-renowned for its game fishing.

Fish to Look Out For

  • Bluefin Tuna: Anglers around the world hear stories of the larger-than-human Bluefin tuna that can be found off of Cape Cod. While these fish are less common than they once were, game fishers still have a decent chance of spotting and catching a Bluefin, especially if they charter a boat.
  • Cod: Not surprisingly, there is no shortage of cod in the Cape’s waters.
  • Haddock: A popular delicacy throughout New England, haddock is another species of fish that draws anglers to Cape Cod.

When to Fish

The Cape Cod fishing season starts in late April and runs through October. During this time, a number of fishing tour operators charter boats for private fishing outings. Because the local captains know the waters well, this is the best way for most visitors to improve their likelihood of making a big catch.

If you are looking to charter a boat for the Cape Cod fishing trip of a lifetime, contact Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours today. Call (508) 746-2646 to find out more about how we can meet your fishing desires!

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