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Leaner and healthier than other meats, fish is a great alternative for family dinners. Still, many families shy away from fish because they’re unsure how to cook it. If you love the taste of fish but don’t know when to start, then this guide will show you multiple ways to enjoy home-cooked fish from the sea.

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Have you ever had a plate of delicious fish ‘n’ chips that you wished you could make at home? By battering steaks of codfish or haddock and immersing them in hot oil, you could have your very own home-cooked fried fish in a matter of minutes.


While fish meat is notorious for falling apart, there are some fish that can be successfully grilled.


If you like your fish moist and tender, then steaming is for you. Whether you’ve caught bluefish, dogfish, or flounder, you’ll find that steaming your fish over simmering water is a great way to unlock its wonderful taste.


If you’re more into simple cooking, then it doesn’t get much easier than sautéing. With just a bit of olive oil and a frying pan, you can cook up a delicious treat from the sea in no time.


More adventurous cooks may enjoy baking their fish with all sorts of tasty sauces and garnishes. Whether you’ve caught a cod, mackerel, or haddock, all fish lends itself well to the oven.

At Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours , we believe that fish tastes a little more delicious when you catch it yourself. If you’ve amassed some great dinner ideas, then come on one of our fishing tours to catch codfish, mackerel, flounder, or one of the many other species of fish swimming in Cape Cod Bay. To learn more, give us a call today at (508) 746-2646.

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