Coastal Birds to Keep an Eye Out for on Your Cape Cod Boat Excursion

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)

A whale watching tour is an exciting adventure that individuals of all ages can enjoy. While whales are the focus of these trips, many other animals, including several bird species, can also be seen during these excursions. When you book a whale watching tour out of Plymouth, some of the birds you are likely to encounter include:

Common Loon

One of the Common Loon’s most recognizable features is its loud, whaling call. Another is the birds’ ability to swim hundreds of feet below the water’s surface to capture the fish, shellfish, and aquatic insects that they feed on. With a distinctive black head and grey body, the Common Loon is easy to identify.

Common Tern

The Common Tern is another bird that feeds far below the water’s surface, plunge diving deep into the ocean once it has spotted shrimp or small fish. Contrary to what the bird’s name might imply, the Common Tern is not common in New England. If you spot a Common Tern with its white body and black cap while on your whale watching tour, consider yourself fortunate.

Great Blue Heron

While Great Blue Herons are more commonly seen feeding near ponds and other shallow bodies of water, they occasionally take flight over the Cape. If you wish to spot a Great Blue Heron on your whale watch, keep your eye out for a large, slow-flying bird with a strikingly slender neck.


Sporting a white neck, chest, and belly and brown wings, an Osprey in flight is a sight to behold. If you are lucky enough to see an Osprey emerge from the water while feeding alongside a whale, you will remember the spectacle for a long time to come.

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