When Is the Best Time for Whale Watching in Massachusetts?

In order to ensure a successful and exciting whale watching tour, it is important to plan ahead. Knowing when to take a whale watching tour will greatly impact your success. Although there are many whales to be seen in Massachusetts, certain times are more advantageous than others. Here is an overview of the best time for whale watching in Massachusetts.


Time Frame

If you are interested in whale watching in Massachusetts, there is a specific window in which you will have the best chance of success. Whales are very common in Massachusetts between the months of April and October . They can also be seen during March and November, but they are less common during these times. The optimal time of day to go on a whale watching tour is not very predictable, so tours usually last for several hours in order to maximize your chances of seeing whales.


The range of months between April and October is prime time for whale watching because a large number of whales migrate to Massachusetts during this time in order to feed. Herring, mackerel, and other fish breed in Massachusetts water due to the abundance of nutrients, making these waters desirable for hungry whales. When the water is warm enough, whales flock to these areas to feed on schooling fish. Before April and after October, however, they seek warmer water where they mate.


A whale watching tour can offer you the opportunity to see a variety of different whales in their natural habitat. Humpback whales and finback whales spend the months between April and October feeding in Massachusetts, and are commonly spotted during tours. Although it is not common, smaller beluga and sperm whales can sometimes be seen in Massachusetts as well.

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