Identify Whales with This Handy App!


When you embark on a whale watching cruise off the coast of Massachusetts, prepare to be amazed at the majestic beauty of whales and other marine life you see. With the help of the See & ID Dolphins & Whales app for iOS, you’ll be able to identify different marine animals and learn a little bit about each one.

This helpful app lets you choose from a few different categories of marine animals, including whales and dolphins. It provides photos, descriptions, and illustrations of different whales so that you can pick out which ones you’re looking at. This app also provides information about each animal’s behavior, diet, and history, as well as any threats that they may be up against.

Bring See & ID Dolphins & Whales with you on your next adventure with Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. Make your reservation for a whale watching cruise by calling (508) 746-2643. Visit our website to learn more about our services and what you can expect during your tour. 

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