The Beginner’s Guide to Deep Sea Fishing

For a quintessential New England experience, you can’t beat a deep sea fishing trip in the waters of Cape Cod . If you are new to fishing, whether you are a local or just visiting Plymouth, you should charter a boat to benefit from a seasoned captain’s knowledge of local waters and his experience finding the best spots to fish. Below you’ll find tips for beginners to make the most out of the trip.

Get the Proper Gear Deep Sea Fishing in Plymouth
If you have experience with other types of fishing, such as fly fishing, you might think you can use the same gear for your deep-sea fishing excursion . Since the two activities are very different, however, you will need different types of bait, lines, and even special rods for deep sea fishing. You don’t have to buy all the gear for your first trip—you should be able to rent it from your charter fishing company.

Dress in Layers
Even in the summer, the breezes on the open waters of Cape Cod can be quite cold, especially in the morning and evening. Dress warmly, but layer properly so that when the sun comes out and the waters are still you can remove a sweater if you get too warm. When you do bundle up, make sure you are still comfortable and mobile.

Bring a Small Bag for Extra Items
Though you’ll probably be renting your fishing gear, you’ll still need to bring a few other items with you. Pack a tube of sunscreen, even in the winter, because you may end up getting more time in the sun than you think. Also, it’s a good idea to pack motion sickness pills, especially if you’ve never sat out on a deep sea fishing boat before.

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