The Best Spots for Whale Watching

New England has long been known as one of the best spots for deep sea fishing, but did you know that whale watching in Plymouth offers you access to one of the largest populations in North America? The Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, located just north of Cape Cod, is home to a diverse population of marine life including several different species of whales. Learn more about what makes this a great whale-watching spot below.

Stellwagen Bank Whale Watching Tour in Plymouth
Stellwagen Bank is a sandy plateau that lies below the surface of the ocean, between Cape Cod and Cape Ann. The bank is about 19 miles from north to south, and 6 miles across at its widest point. The waters over the bank are only about 100 to 120 feet deep—much shallower than the surrounding ocean. Because of the unique shape of Stellwagen Bank, the whole of Massachusets Bay is rich with nutrients that attract many kinds of marine life, which makes Cape Cod’s fishing and whale watching some of the best in the nation.

Setting Sail from Plymouth
Plymouth is the perfect departure point for whale watching excursions in the waters around Stellwagen Bank. It is on the mainland, at about the same latitude as the northernmost tip of Cape Cod, which means that it is just south of the Bank. Whales can often be sighted in the waters of Cape Cod Bay and Massachusetts Bay, even in areas not directly adjacent to the National Marine Sancutary.

Finding a Whale Watching Spot
Though whales tend to congregate in certain spots around the Bay and the Bank, there is no guarantee that whales can be sighted at a given spot on a given day. Seasoned captains of whale watching tours will make the rounds near several spots where whales are commonly seen, always keeping a respectful distance and speed.

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