• Photo Tips for Your Whale Watching Trip

    A whale watching tour in Plymouth is an unforgettable experience, and taking pictures is often the best share this with your friends and family. Watch this video clip for a few photo tips for your whale watching trip.

    Even if you change the batteries in your camera right before your trip, it is a good idea to bring extras on board with you. You never know how close you will get to the whales, so don’t use up all of your digital memory on pictures of far away whales. It helps to use a camera with a decent zoom feature for high quality snaps.

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  • When to Charter a Private Trip

    Private Fishing Charter Plymouth Whale watching in Plymouth is a special event, which makes it a suitable way to celebrate your special occasion. If you are organizing a large group of people to go on a whale watching tour, chartering a private trip with Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours may be your best bet. Read on to find out when to charter a private trip.

    Chartering a private trip can be a great choice for many occasions, from school field trips to bachelor parties. Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours has a fleet of 80-foot ships that are perfect for groups of up to 70 people. This can be ideal for dual class field trips, providing the perfect mix of education and entertainment. A private trip can also be a great getaway for adults; we have liquor licenses and can help you arrange for catering.

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  • What to Know About Whale Watching

    Before you go out on your whale watching excursion near Plymouth , take a few minutes to learn more about these impressive marine mammals. Whale watching tours are popular because of the many different behaviors that whales exhibit, such as diving, jumping, flippering, and lobtailing. Though the whales’ movements can resemble a dance, remember that they are untamed creatures. Be respectful and careful when whale watching by following the advice below.

    Keep a Respectful Distance
    Many whale watchers forget that they are not in a zoo or aquarium when they are out humpback whale watching in the open waters of Cape Cod Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. The captain of your whale watching vessel will keep a respectful distance of a hundred yards or so between the boat and any whales he can see. The whales may or may not approach the boat, depending on their disposition that day.

    Do Not Attempt to Engage the Whales Whale Watching Tour in Plymouth
    The reason that the captain of your whale watching vessel keeps a respectful distance is so that you don’t disturb the whales. Depending on the time of year and time of day, the whales you see may be beginning courtship and mating, looking for food, or engaging in other important activities. Do not attempt to attract their attention by yelling, whistling, throwing objects, or by any other means. Your captain will ferry you around to several locations to increase your chances of seeing different groups of whales engage in interesting behaviors.

    Observe Whale Behavior Closely
    Certain impressive displays, such as jumping, are perfectly normal surfacing behavior for whales. Watch closely for circling and excessive tail slapping, however. If the whales you are observing suddenly change their behavior, they may be distressed and you should alert the captain, because it might be time for you to leave them in peace.

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  • A Guide to Ethical Whale Watching

    When you embark on a whale watching excursion near Plymouth, remember that these marine mammals are living creatures in their natural habitat. You should aim to disturb them as little as possible. Some species, such as the North Atlantic right whale, are actually endangered, and federal regulations limit how close a whale watching tour boat can come to them.

    It is very possible to have a wonderful whale watching experience while being ethical. In this video, you will learn how whale boat and fishing charter captains can offer you a good experience without disturbing the whales.

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