• How to Photograph Whales

    Although nothing quite compares to whale watching in Plymouth in person, people often like to document their experiences with photographs that they can use to show their friends and family afterwards. Watch this video to learn how to photograph whales.

    Whales can be extremely elusive, which is why whale watching tours are so exhilarating. For this reason it helps to be extra prepared when you go on a tour yourself. Make sure that your camera is functioning and that you have plenty of room on your card for pictures. It is also wise to bring extra batteries.

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  • Important Tips for Deep Sea Fishing

    Whether you are an expert fisherman or you are completely new to deep sea fishing in Plymouth, everyone can benefit from a few helpful tips. Knowing who to fish with, how to handle yourself, and what to look out for can help to optimize your experience. Here are a few important tips for deep sea fishing.

    Consider Your Fishing Party
    Deep sea fishing is not an experience to take lightly; a few wrong moves and it can turn very dangerous. For this reason it is important to take deep sea fishing excursions with at least one expert who has a wealth of knowledge and an equal amount of experience. A deep sea fishing guide can also direct you to the most enjoyable spots to participate in the sport.

    Take Care of Yourself Deep Sea Fishing Tour Plymouth
    People tend to have more fun when they are comfortable, and a deep sea fishing trip can be very uncomfortable if you are not adequately prepared. If you are prone to motion sickness, do not embark on this kind of trip without taking medication to address the symptoms. It may be a good idea to have your medication on board with you as well. You should also dress appropriately; it can get cold out in the deep sea, so dress in layers in order to stay warm and wear a poncho for the potential water spray.

    Know What to Look For
    There are several signs that can point you in the right direction. If you notice dolphins nearby, chances are there may be tuna in the vicinity as well. Similarly, you may see birds feeding on smaller fish, which means that bigger fish may be lurking nearby. Following these signs can lead to big payoffs.

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  • The Best Times to Go Whale Watching

    If you have never been on a whale watching tour in Plymouth, you may be swelling with excitement and anticipation. In order to optimize your experience and have the best time possible, it helps to know when exactly you should go on this adventure. Continue reading to learn about the best times to go whale watching.

    Spotting Season
    Like many other animals—and even humans—whales tend to spend different parts of the year in different places. Between the months of April and October , many kinds of whales enjoy the Massachusetts waters; fortunately for whale watchers, they do not come in small numbers. In some fortunate cases whales will show up as early as March and continue to feed on schooling fish until November, effectively extending the season to the delight of whale watchers.

    Time of Day Whale Watching Tour Plymouth
    Unfortunately it can be very difficult to pinpoint a precise time of day in which whale watching may be most enjoyable. The best time to go out on a whale watching excursion may be different from one day to the next as well as one year to another. Whales are mobile creatures, so it may take some traveling before you are fortunate enough to see one. This issue is typically solved by extending the amount of time you stay in the water; the longer your trip, the more likely you are to see whale activity.

    Whale Watching Party
    The best time to go whale watching is when you have the opportunity to go on a whale watching tour captained by a seasoned whale watcher. A whale watching excursion typically lasts for several hours, which increases your chance of witnessing a dazzling display. Additionally, the captain of your trip will know where the best locations are to see the whales.

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