The Best Times to Go Whale Watching

If you have never been on a whale watching tour in Plymouth, you may be swelling with excitement and anticipation. In order to optimize your experience and have the best time possible, it helps to know when exactly you should go on this adventure. Continue reading to learn about the best times to go whale watching.

Spotting Season
Like many other animals—and even humans—whales tend to spend different parts of the year in different places. Between the months of April and October , many kinds of whales enjoy the Massachusetts waters; fortunately for whale watchers, they do not come in small numbers. In some fortunate cases whales will show up as early as March and continue to feed on schooling fish until November, effectively extending the season to the delight of whale watchers.

Time of Day Whale Watching Tour Plymouth
Unfortunately it can be very difficult to pinpoint a precise time of day in which whale watching may be most enjoyable. The best time to go out on a whale watching excursion may be different from one day to the next as well as one year to another. Whales are mobile creatures, so it may take some traveling before you are fortunate enough to see one. This issue is typically solved by extending the amount of time you stay in the water; the longer your trip, the more likely you are to see whale activity.

Whale Watching Party
The best time to go whale watching is when you have the opportunity to go on a whale watching tour captained by a seasoned whale watcher. A whale watching excursion typically lasts for several hours, which increases your chance of witnessing a dazzling display. Additionally, the captain of your trip will know where the best locations are to see the whales.

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