What You Need to Know About Pollack Fishing

Regardless of what type of fishing you are interested in, it is always helpful to do some research before an embarking on the deep sea fishing trip . This will allow you to come prepared with the right kind of baits, rods, and techniques you need to have a successful trip. Continue on to find out what you need to know about Pollack fishing.

Identifying Pollack cape cod fishing trip
If you are trying to catch a specific kind of fish, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with their appearance and habits. Pollack are members of the cod family, although you may not guess that from appearance. These fish feature three dorsal and two anal fins, and they tend to resemble coalfish; however, you may identify Pollack by their extending lower jaws. From your ferry, you will notice that Pollack have dark brown backs. These fish can grow to be over three feet in length and may serve as a tasty meal.

Baits They Like
Once you have identified a certain species of fish to target, it helps to find out what they like. Pollack are particularly attracted to swimming bait; while lures such as rubber eels and jelly worms may be a viable option, you will likely have better luck with live bait. Pollack are partial towards launce, joey mackerel, and sand eel. Hook one of these types of bait through the nose, cast your line, and allow nature to take its course.

The Thrill of the Fight
Many anglers enjoy Pollack fishing for the fight that these fish put up. In order to maximize this fight, and thus make the most of the sport, anglers often choose light tackle for their excursions. Be sure to use clear trace line, and base the size of your hook off of the sizes of your bait and lure.

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