• What to Expect When You Go Whale Watching in Cape Cod

    If you’re planning a family vacation on Cape Cod, you should plan on taking an exciting whale watching tour. Whale watching is a thrilling experience for travelers of all ages, as you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the sea’s most majestic creatures up close. Keep reading to learn about what you can expect when you take a whale watching tour on Cape Cod.

    Book a Well-Reviewed Whale Watching Tour whale watching tour plymouth

    You can find a whale watching tour that is guaranteed to be a success by reading online reviews from previous tour guests. Take some time to research the different companies in the area that offer whale watching tours. Read customer reviews, and find a company that has well-reviewed tour guides. While each visitor’s experience will vary, you should steer clear of expensive whale watching tours that have consistently poor customer reviews.

    Check the Weather Forecast in Advance

    A whale watching tour requires that you spend a great deal of time at sea on a ferry or boat. Before leaving for your whale watching adventure, check the weather forecast to ensure you and your family is dressed appropriately. You may need to wear a raincoat, and you’ll definitely need to wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles to help you keep your balance on the ferry or boat.

    Look up Recent Whale Sightings in the Area

    You can check local whale watching websites, or call a local whale research organization, to find out if there have been many recent whale sightings in the area. You can try to plan your whale watching tour for a time that seems to afford the most frequent whale sightings.

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  • Find Your Place in Provincetown

    If you’re planning a family vacation to Cape Cod, you’ll also have the opportunity to explore Plymouth and Provincetown. Provincetown, MA, is a popular tourist destination, with many exciting cultural activities for the whole family, including whale watching tours and deep-sea fishing excursions.

    Watch this video to learn more about Provincetown as you plan your trip. Many well-known novelists, playwrights, and artists have been residents or frequent visitors to Provincetown.

    At Captain John’s Whale Watching and Fishing Tours, we offer the area’s best whale watching and fishing tours, and private fishing charters, in Plymouth . Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will give you an adventure you’ll remember for years to come. For more information on our tours and services, you can visit our website, or call us today at (508) 927-5575.

  • Amazing Facts About Whales

    As some of the largest living mammals, whales are intriguing and majestic. This is one reason why whale watching is so popular and exciting. Fortunately, you can see plenty of whales in person on a whale watching tour. Before you take your first tour, read on to learn a few amazing facts about whales.

    Habits whale watching plymouth
    There are many different species of whales, and some of them behave differently than others. However, they all have a small amount of hair and breathe air, just like other mammals. Depending on the species, a whale might eat other marine mammals, fish, or plankton. Whales often take more than a year to deliver their calves, and only one is born at a time. You can find some kind of whale in any ocean in the world. Many breed in warm water and feed in cold water, so they tend to migrate impressive distances. Whale watching can be especially fun because they tend to breach out of the water in a dazzling display.

    Unfortunately, whales are not as safe and thriving as you might think. Though they are large and intimidating, some boat owners may pose a threat to these creatures. There are a few other factors that also prove hazardous for whales. Climate change causes water temperatures to change as well, and whales may have trouble adapting to these changes. A falling population of krill is also problematic for whales that feed on them.

    A few species of whales are currently highly endangered. Fortunately, some institutions are working to protect these whales and prevent whalers from hunting them. Although the International Whaling Commission has issued a temporary ban on whaling, exceptions allow certain countries to continue hunting. It is important for boat owners and fishermen to be cognizant of nearby whales.

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  • Getting to Know Captain John Whale Watching Tours

    captain john whale watching and fishing tours No one offers whale watching tours quite like Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. Keep reading if you are interested in learning more about Captain John’s whale watching tours.

    Whales are massive, beautiful creatures, but they can be endangered by reckless or ignorant boat owners. Fortunately, Captain John’s crew operates their boats with the utmost care and concern and has lobbied to protect whales from these hazards. Captain John has been offering whale watching excursions since 1946. Currently under new ownership, the crew remains largely intact. The business offers both whale watching trips and deep sea fishing excursions, and both can serve as great vacations. If you have never seen a whale in person before, seize the opportunity and book an excursion with Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours.

    For more information about Captain John whale watching tours, please do not hesitate to call Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours at (508) 927-5575. We are committed to providing quality flounder fishing and whale watching trips in Plymouth. If you would like more information about our whale watching tours, please stop in and meet with us or visit our website.

  • A Closer Look at Humpback Whales

    Whale watching can be an exciting experience—not only for the sights, but also for the sounds. They are enjoyable to listen to, but no one knows why they do it. Watch this video for a look at humpback whales.

    Humpback whales make sounds that can travel for miles. They slap against the water with their massive bodies as well as “sing” with their larynxes. Whale songs sound like loud moans and squeals, and it is unclear what purpose they serve. Male humpback whales learn from other males and develop new sounds throughout their lives.

    Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours provides fishing charters and whale watching serving Plymouth. We offer Pollack fishing as well as flounder fishing, and our whale watching tours are always exciting. Feel free to visit our website or call us at (508) 927-5575 to find out more about our tours.