What to Expect When You Go Whale Watching in Cape Cod

If you’re planning a family vacation on Cape Cod, you should plan on taking an exciting whale watching tour. Whale watching is a thrilling experience for travelers of all ages, as you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the sea’s most majestic creatures up close. Keep reading to learn about what you can expect when you take a whale watching tour on Cape Cod.

Book a Well-Reviewed Whale Watching Tour whale watching tour plymouth

You can find a whale watching tour that is guaranteed to be a success by reading online reviews from previous tour guests. Take some time to research the different companies in the area that offer whale watching tours. Read customer reviews, and find a company that has well-reviewed tour guides. While each visitor’s experience will vary, you should steer clear of expensive whale watching tours that have consistently poor customer reviews.

Check the Weather Forecast in Advance

A whale watching tour requires that you spend a great deal of time at sea on a ferry or boat. Before leaving for your whale watching adventure, check the weather forecast to ensure you and your family is dressed appropriately. You may need to wear a raincoat, and you’ll definitely need to wear comfortable shoes with rubber soles to help you keep your balance on the ferry or boat.

Look up Recent Whale Sightings in the Area

You can check local whale watching websites, or call a local whale research organization, to find out if there have been many recent whale sightings in the area. You can try to plan your whale watching tour for a time that seems to afford the most frequent whale sightings.

At Captain John’s Whale Watching and Fishing Tours , our knowledgeable nature guides will give you an exciting and educational whale watching experience. We offer some of the most affordable whale watching tours in Plymouth, and we offer inexpensive group rates, as well. For more information on all of our Cape Cod adventures, you can visit our website, or call us today at (508) 927-5575.

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