Types of Whales That Call Cape Cod Waters Home

If you’re planning a visit to Cape Cod, you’ll definitely want to take a whale watching tour! A whale watching excursion is exciting and educational for the entire family, and is also perfect for school groups, tour groups, company outings, and birthday party groups. Here is some interesting information about the types of whales you may see on your Cape Cod whale watching tour.

Humpback Whales whale watching plymouth

Humpback whale watching in Massachusetts is most successful from April through October. Adults can be between 39 to 52 feet long, with a distinctive body shape that makes them easily recognizable. Their heads are knobbed, and they have very long pectoral fins. Males are known for producing a beautiful song, which they repeat for hours. Humpbacks feed in polar waters in summer, and migrate to tropical or subtropical waters in winter to breed and give birth.

Finback or Razorback Whales

Finback whales, or razorback whales, are the second largest animal in the world, after the blue whale. Finbacks can grow to 89 feet in length. They are brownish-gray, with a long, thin body. Plan your whale watching excursion between April and October to spot Finbacks. They live in major oceans in the North Atlantic and Southern Hemispheres.

Rare North Atlantic Right Whales

The waters of Cape Cod Bay were discovered to be a breeding spot for the extremely rare North Atlantic right whale. Right whales are endangered, with fewer than 350 remaining worldwide. They can be spotted on Cape Cod whale watching tours in late winter and early spring, and tend to stay close to the Bay and avoid open waters. They have round bodies, and dark gray or black skin, and can grow up to 59 feet long.

To see these whales in action or enjoy a fishing charter, book a Cape Cod whale watching tour near Plymouth with us at Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. Our knowledgeable guides have years of experience spotting whales, and will provide interesting and educational facts during your tour. To book a whale watching tour, call us today at (508) 927-5575.

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