Getting Ready for a Deep Sea Fishing Trip

Booking a deep sea fishing charter during your trip to Massachusetts is a great way to experience the joy and excitement of fishing for haddock, flounder, and pollock. After you book your deep sea fishing excursion, you should find out what to expect from your fishing tour. Here are some tips on preparing for deep sea fishing trip.

Use the Right Hook and Bait

Before you embark on your deep sea fishing excursion, take some time to find out what the best bait and hook are for the type of fish you’re trying to catch. A circle hook is often the best bet for beginning fishermen, and it also guarantees that you will catch more fish. Artificial lures are much more useful when you’re fishing for pollock, and sea worms are effective for both pollock and flounder. Small pieces of clam or squid are the best bait to use when fishing for haddock.

Learn How to Recognize Signs of Fish in the Area

If you notice large flocks of seagulls eating small baitfish, the chances are good that there are larger fish nearby below the surface. You should also look for large pieces of floating wood or debris in the water, as these often are shelter for large fish. If there are reefs, you should anchor your fishing charter nearby, as larger fish often feed on the smaller fish that live in reefs.

Take Advantage of the Help Offered by the Crew

The crew on your deep sea fishing charter has a wealth of knowledge and experience in haddock, pollock, and flounder fishing. You can take advantage of their expertise by asking about the best technique to use, the best bait, and the best spots for fishing. They can also help you reel in or unhook a fish.

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