Understanding Seasonal Whale Migration

Whales follow migration patterns for a number of different reasons, and these patterns vary by species of whale. Understanding them can be helpful when it comes to planning your whale watching tour. Continue reading if you are interested in understanding seasonal whale migration.

Northern Right Whales

When you think of seasonal whale migration, you might picture these large animals traveling across the world to their desired waters. While some species may migrate long distances, Northern right whales tend not to journey very far. Female Northern right whales spend their winters off the coast of southeastern United States, where they give birth. As the weather gets warmer these whales tend to travel up the US coast, passing through the Massachusetts Bay on their journey north. You can typically find Northern right whales in northern American and southern Canadian waters during the summer.

Blue Whales

If you are among the camp that pictured a long seasonal whale migration, the blue whale’s migratory patterns might fit your prototype. These whales prefer to feed in the summer and breed and give birth during the winter. During the summer you can find them feeding in cool northern waters, before they journey southward to breed and birth in the warm waters of the tropics. Blue whales follow a sort of seniority system; aside from pregnant females, older whales migrate first and typically travel the farthest.

Humpback Whales

Much like blue whales, humpbacks are known to travel a great distance during their migration. Also like blues, they feed in cooler waters during the summer and they breed and give birth in warmer waters during the winter. Humpback whales tackle these great distances slowly and steadily; they typically travel at about one mile per hour so that they can rest throughout their journey.

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