Getting Ready for a Whale Watching Trip

You are about to experience a wondrous sight some people only dream of. Whale watching can be an inspiring and uplifting experience for anyone, but without some helpful tips your time out to sea might not be everything you hope for. Seasickness, dead batteries, and missed shots can put dampers on your grand adventure.

Be Prepared

Whether you’re an avid sailor or a reluctant landlubber, you should always prepare for your time at sea. Be sure to eat before you set sail, bring seasickness pills, and drink a lot of water. Bring layers to wear; it may be summertime, but the ocean is colder than being on land. Along with your extra layers of clothing, bring a good pair of rubber-soled sneakers to keep from slipping on the deck. Always wear sunscreen, sunglasses, and consider investing in a hat. It may feel cool and wet with the ocean spray on your face, but it won’t feel so nice when you’re coming home a red lobster.

Extras to Bring

Consider bringing items to help pass the time, like travel board games, a book, or coloring books for the kids. Traveling to the ideal whale watching spot can possibly take a couple hours. Bring binoculars in case the whales are being shy and are a little farther away than you’d like. This goes along with your camera and its batteries. Do you want to have the perfect shot, and the camera dies? Don’t let this memory pass you by.

Lining up the Shot

You’re going whale watching; you want to capture the best memory you can, right? Take advantage of your zoom feature, and consider investing in a polarized lens. This will help eliminate sun glare and viewing the whale through the water. Also, look forward to where the whale will breach the water, not where it just dove. Ask your captain for more tips on taking the best pictures.

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