Fascinating Facts About Whales

A large population of whales spend their summer just off the Atlantic Coast of the United States. Watch the ocean long enough and you might catch some fins and splashing, but if you want to see them up close and spot the many species that come near the coast, your best bet is to join a whale watching tour near Cape Cod. In the meantime, we’ve got some interesting facts for you so that you can join the tour informed and excited!

Mammals whale watching plymouth

Whales live in the ocean and have fins, but they’re not fish– they’re mammals! Whales are warm blooded, meaning they keep their high body temperature regardless of the temperature of the water they’re in. This is why whales need to eat so much food, often over a ton of food per day, to maintain thick and fatty blubber that helps keep them warm. Despite their massive size, whales are gentle creatures, and prefer to eat small sea like creatures like fish and shrimp-like organisms called krill. Whales breathe air (and can hold their breath for about an hour!), produce milk, and nurse their young like other mammals.


Many whale species migrate thousands of miles each year, heading north during the summer in search of abundant food, and then swimming back to warmer waters in the winter to breed. Some whales swim as far as Antarctica! It’s no wonder whales rely on their blubber and diets for energy to breed and swim thousands of miles in frigid and rough waters.

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