Having a Whale of a Time: Tips for Whale Watching

So you’ve set aside a day for an exciting whale watching adventure in Cape Cod bay– great! Now it’s time to prepare. Fortunately, the crew and staff will do the hard work for you, but it’s smart to bring essentials so you can focus on the purpose of your trip: whale watching.

Getting Comfortable

whale watching plymouth

Wear comfortable non-slip shoes and bring a light jacket (it’s gets colder out at sea), sunblock, snacks, seasickness medication if you’re prone to it, your favorite snacks, and your camera. Binoculars will also help you catch sight of whales if they’re being shy. The great thing about whale watching is that you don’t need extensive preparation or knowledge to make the most of you whale watching adventure in Cape Cod.

Bring a Good Attitude

Chances are, you’ll catch sight of a whale on your trip. But don’t expect to encounter friendly and acrobatic whales right away; in fact, sometimes it takes some navigation and patience before whales appear. Bring an upbeat, curious attitude so you can learn from the crew, and keep your eyes peeled for whales. There’s a lot to see and learn on whale watching adventures, so make the most of it with a smile and open mind.

A good attitude includes being considerate, too, and not just to the crew, but to the wildlife as well. Be courteous and polite to fellow whale-watchers, and never throw trash into the water. We’re lucky to have these awesome sea creatures near Cape Cod, so we want to respect their living habits by keeping the waters clean.

Don’t Miss Out

If you spend the entire excursion glued behind your camera, you’re missing out. Sure, a shot of a whale leaping out of the water is spectacular– but if you see it with your own eyes, without a lens, the memory will be clearer and sharper than any photograph. So, while photography is encouraged, take a few moments to sit back and let your eyes, not your finger, do the watching.

Our crew at Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours are ready to show you the beauty of nature on our excursions around Cape Cod. To buy your tickets and learn more about us, visit our website or call us at (508) 746-2643. We hope to see to you soon!

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