• Spotlight on Finback Whales

    During your whale watching trip in Cape Cod, you may be lucky enough to spot a finback whale. These gentle giants are the second largest animal on Earth, and they can reach up to 90 feet in length. Finback whales can be identified by their large size and uniquely slender bodies. Their long bodies allow these whales to cut through the water and travel at incredibly high speeds. The incredible finback whale is found in all of the major oceans on Earth. Throughout the year, finback whales make a seasonal migration from north to south.

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  • Flounder Fish Are Masters of Disguise

    When you take a Cape Cod fishing trip, you may have the opportunity to fish for flounder. These unusual fish exhibit amazing behaviors when they are hunting for their prey. In this video, you will take a look at the incredible capabilities that flounders have for disguise. By submerging itself under the sand, a flounder can make itself nearly invisible. Along with helping the flounder catch its prey, these camouflaging behaviors help it to avoid predators.

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  • Whale Behaviors You Might See When You Go Whale Watching

    A whale watching tour will provide you with an up-close look at the beautiful whales that inhabit the Atlantic Ocean. When you are preparing to go whale watching, it is a terrific idea to gather information about these amazing creatures. By learning about whale behavior, you will be able to have a rich and educational experience out on the boat. Read on for a look at some common whale behaviors that you might see when you go whale watching.


    The whale spray or blow is a very common behavior. Often, when you are out whale watching, you will initially identify a group of whales through their blowhole sprays. Whales blow out of their blowholes when they arrive at the surface of the water for air. As the water shoots out of the blowhole, the whale is able to take a deep breath of fresh oxygen.


    Breaching is a magnificent whale behavior that is sure to delight you and your family members. When a whale breaches, it will jump completely out of the surface of the water. This amazing display is typically thought to be a social behavior. During your whale watching tour, you may see several whales breaching at the same time.

    Lob Tailing

    Whales have huge tail fins that they use to propel themselves through the water. While you are on your whale watching tour, you may witness a behavior that is known as lob tailing. Lob tailing describes the slapping or waving of a whale’s tail high in the air. Like breaching, lob tailing is thought to be a social form of communication between whales.

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  • Reasons to Take a Ride on the P-Town Ferry

    If you are planning a trip out to Cape Cod this season, you should be sure to book a ride on the P-Town ferry. The ferry will transport you and your loved ones directly from Plymouth to the Provincetown harbor. More than just a mere form of transportation, the P-Town ferry is an incredibly fun experience that your entire family is sure to love. Read on for an overview of three great reasons to take a ride on the P-Town ferry during your upcoming vacation.

    Stay Off of the Road

    When you drive along Cape Cod, you may encounter traffic and other hazards on the road. In addition, as the driver, you will have to focus on the road ahead, rather than taking in the beautiful sights that Cape Cod has to offer. When you book a ride on the P-Town ferry, you will be able to arrive at your destination, without having to drive.

    Save Valuable Time

    No family wants to spend the majority of their vacation trapped in the car. When you are seeking an affordable and efficient transportation alternative, you may want to consider riding the P-Town ferry. In fact, the ferry can transport you to Provincetown twice as fast as it takes to drive there.

    Create Lasting Memories

    Travelling by ferry will allow you and your loved ones to create lasting memories of your journey. Riding the ferry is an unforgettable experience that you are sure to cherish for a lifetime. If your kids have never travelled by boat before, you will want to book a trip on the P-Town ferry for your next vacation.

    If you have questions about riding the ferry to Provincetown, be sure to contact Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours. Along with our fishing charters and whale watching tours, we also offer convenient ferry rides between Plymouth and Provincetown. Call us at (508) 927-5575 to book your spot on the P-Town ferry today.