• Highlighting the Health Benefits of Haddock

    When you embark on a deep sea fishing excursion off the coast of Cape Cod, you can expect to encounter several different kinds of fish. Haddock is a fish species that flourishes in Cape Cod waters, and there is a good chance that you will find a haddock on your fishing line. With its mild taste and high protein content, haddock is a very healthy fish that you are sure to love sharing with your family over the dinner table. Let’s explore some of the terrific health benefits of eating haddock.

    High Protein

    One of the top reasons to start incorporating haddock into your regular diet is that this fish is a terrific source of protein. When you consume three ounces of haddock, you will be adding more than twenty grams of protein to your meal.

    Essential Vitamins

    Along with providing you with a high serving of protein, haddock is also filled with essential vitamins. A serving of haddock contains many essential vitamins, such as niacin, B-12, and B-6. Rather than sourcing these vitamins from nutritional supplements, you may want to consume them in the form of a delicious and flaky fish.

    Important Minerals

    Healthy minerals are an essential component of every diet. Since haddock lives in deep sea waters, its fillets are filled with several important types of minerals. When you consume haddock, you will receive a daily dose of selenium. Regular consumption of selenium has been linked to heart disease prevention, cancer prevention, and other health benefits.

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  • Activities to Enjoy When Touring Provincetown

    Provincetown is a fantastic vacation destination that offers fun during every season of the year. When you take the P-town ferry to this idyllic oceanfront town, you are sure to find activities and events that are tailored to your entire family. Whether you love outdoor excursions, or are an art and culture connoisseur, Provincetown will have tons to offer you during your vacation. Read on for a look at some activities that you will want to check out during your trip to Provincetown.

    Strolling the Beautiful Beaches

    Beautiful beaches are a top attraction for every visitor to Provincetown. Due to its location at the tip of Cape Cod, Provincetown is in close proximity to many of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Iconic beaches, such as Race Point Ocean Beach, will provide you and your loved ones with opportunities to relax, play, and enjoy the surf and sand.

    Shopping for Unique Art

    Along with catering to vacationers who love the outdoors, Provincetown is a top destination for art lovers. Provincetown originally made its name as a pristine art colony, and the arts and culture in this city is thriving to this day. During your visit, you will want to tour its main arts district and check out the hand-crafted pieces that are available for sale.

    Enjoying Special Events

    The residents of Provincetown put on special events throughout every season of the year. When you are planning ahead to your Provincetown visit, you may want to check out the upcoming events calendar. During your trip, you may be able to get tickets to a play, concert, or other memorable activity.

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