• Avoiding Seasickness on Your Deep Sea Fishing Trip

    Seasickness can range from mild to extreme, and it can ruin your day while deep sea fishing. There are several tips that can help you fight seasickness, such as eating a light meal, using special pressure techniques, and standing in the middle of the boat. These tips and more can help anyone to avoid a bout of seasickness during their deep sea fishing trip . Read on for more tips.

    Stand in the Middle of the Boat

    The sway of the boat often causes the worst bouts of seasickness. While this cannot be completely eliminated, the movements can be minimized. Choose the biggest deep sea charter possible, and stand in the middle of the craft if you can. A bigger boat will not sway and pitch as much as small fishing charters, and the middle of the boat experiences the least amount of movement.

    Get Fresh Air

    Do not stay in a cabin or galley when feeling seasick. The close quarters and stuffy air will only make nausea worse. If possible, stand on the deck and breath in the fresh air, and it will give a better view of the surrounding ocean, which can also reduce sickness.

    Eat Light Foods

    When feeling nauseous, it is best to eat something light and bland to settle the stomach. Crackers, bread, and pretzels will work best. Drink water, ginger ale, ginger tea, or peppermint tea. Ginger and peppermint are both known for their stomach-calming attributes. Water is essential to remain hydrated and alert, which will reduce nausea.

    Consider Antiemetic Drugs

    There are several over-the-counter medications to prevent and treat seasickness. Speak with a doctor about the potential side effects and interactions with current medications. Some antiemetic drugs can cause sleepiness, so understand how the side effects might affect the deep sea fishing trip before taking them.

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  • What to Pack When Going on a Deep Sea Fishing Charter

    If you are planning ahead for your very first deep sea fishing charter, you may have questions about what you will need to bring on the boat. Since deep sea fishing will take you far away from shore, it is important to make sure that you carry all your essential items on board with you. You will also want to pack protective equipment and other items, such as sunscreen, a hat, and fresh water.

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  • Exciting Facts About Humpback Whales

    When you embark on a whale watching tour, your guide will provide you with amazing information about these gentle giants of the sea. In this video, you will learn some fast facts about humpback whales. You may be surprised to learn that humpback whales only need to breathe every 10 to 15 minutes. During longer dives, a humpback can go up to 30 minutes without a breath of air.

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