The Tourist’s Guide to the P-Town Ferry

The Provincetown Ferry, also known as the P-Town Ferry , is a common mode of travel between Plymouth, MA and Provincetown. By passing the Cape Cod Bay, instead of driving around it, tourists can cut travel time in half and enjoy a beautiful time on the open water. For a quick guide to the P-Town Ferry, continue reading below.

It saves a lot of time.

When heading from Plymouth to Provincetown, tourists want to arrive at their destination with enough time to enjoy it. That can only happen by taking the P-Town Ferry. The ferry goes directly from the harbors of Plymouth to the harbors of Provincetown, completely bypassing the busy and dangerous freeways. By taking the ferry, instead of driving, tourists can save almost half the time they would spend driving, and they can enjoy more time experiencing the magic of Provincetown.

It is a destination spot.

Not only are Plymouth and Provincetown destination spots on their own, but the P-Town Ferry is an exciting experience for tourists and locals alike. By taking advantage of the ferry, tourists can enjoy the open sea around them. They may see some of the local marine life, such as seals, walruses, dolphins, and whales. While the P-Town Ferry can offer exciting opportunities to experience the ocean wildlife, it cannot replace a true whale watching excursion with professional fishing charters.

It features many amenities.

In addition to saving time and getting a taste of the open ocean, tourists can relax in style on their way to and from Provincetown. The P-Town Ferry has a full galley to offer food and drinks. Tourists can also relax inside a climate-controlled cabin as they enjoy the beautiful views of Plymouth Harbor and Cape Cod Bay.

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