• Did You Know These Marine Animals Were Once Sea Monsters?

    Most of our planet is made up of water , and much of the depths are still unexplored. Marine life has adapted in ways that sometimes look monstrous to us even today, so ferry travelers of old let their imaginations go to work. Keep reading for a look at a few marine animals that may have appeared as monsters in the past.


    Depending on your definition of a sea monster, the giant squid might actually be one. Back before we knew as much as we do about marine life, it was up to our observations and imaginations to understand what we came across. If you were on a ferry or a fishing charter and you caught a glimpse of a squid without knowing what a squid was, you might think it’s a sea monster. This type of misunderstanding is how the mythological Kraken came to be.


    Being as massive as they are, it’s easy to see how people could interpret whales as sea monsters. Many 16 th and 17 th century maps depict ferocious looking whales. Some of them have sharp teeth, and others have multiple blowholes. Whale watchers didn’t have nearly the same concept of these marine animals that we do today, but some of their depictions did come quite close to what they really look like. It’s easy for your eyes to trick you when you’ve been on a fishing charter for days at a time, so it’s understandable that the details were imaginative.


    Vicious whales weren’t the only “sea monsters” depicted on maps—you can also find sea serpents on maps from the same era. These serpents were most likely oarfish, which are long fish that are shaped like eel. Thanks to the spines on their heads and dorsal fins, they became sea serpents to old fishermen.

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