Looking Back at the History of Plymouth, MA

The bustling cape cod fishing town of Plymouth, MA was not always the way it is today. However, it was just as significant during colonial times as it is now, and its importance is detailed in American history textbooks. Continue reading if you’re interested in looking back at the history of Plymouth, MA.

Pre-Colonial Plymouth

Before the whale watching excursions, deep sea fishing charters, and ferry rides, Plymouth was a Native American village called Patuxet. Colonists arrived in the first years of the 17 th century, and just a few years later, 2 separate plagues eradicated most of the Native Americans who had resided there. With most of the natives gone, colonists were able to move in and occupy their territory.

Plymouth Colony

Plymouth, Massachusetts started off as Plymouth Colony in late 1620. Pilgrims separated from the Church of England and landed in Plymouth via the Mayflower, which anchored its first voyage in Provincetown. The settlers signed the Mayflower Compact before leaving the ship and setting out to explore. The first winter was infamously difficult for the settlers, but they survived with help from Native Americans. One native in particular, Squanto, knew how to speak English. He helped the pilgrims survive by teaching them how to fish and farm corn. Plymouth Colony is also famous for being the site of the first Thanksgiving.

Modern Plymouth

Thanks to its location, Plymouth was always a town developed around fishing and building ships. This holds true today, as activities like deep sea fishing and whale watching are still among the most popular in the area. Plymouth has become one of the biggest towns in the state, and it has grown rapidly over the past few decades. This is due in part to the ease of travel to and from Boston.

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