Preventing Seasickness on Your Fishing Cruise

Any vacation can be spoiled by an unexpected illness, and motion sickness is a common culprit. If you’re planning a deep sea fishing trip with your friends and family, you should know if you’re vulnerable to seasickness or not. Remember to plan in advance if it turns out you are. Continue reading for some tips on preventing seasickness on your fishing cruise.

Spend Time on Deck

Motion sickness is probably a more common condition than you think it is. If you’ve never been on a deep sea fishing trip before, you might not even know if you have it or not. In the event that you do start feeling nauseous while you’re on the trip, try to get some fresh air. It helps to see the movement and the boat and the water. This tends to help people center themselves and get their feet under them again.

Consider Medication

If you’re the type to get motion sickness on a regular basis, it could help to ask your doctor about seasickness medication before going on a deep sea fishing trip. Everyone has a different sensitivity to this issue—some people get seasick, and others get sick just from being in the car for too long. Your doctor may be able to prescribe you medication before your venture.

Know What to Eat

Nausea can strike at just about any time, and it’s always unfortunate when it happens during an exciting event like a deep sea fishing excursion. If you do start feeling nauseous, sometimes it helps to get some food into your stomach. However, you shouldn’t load up on a heavy meal, as intense tastes may exacerbate your symptoms of seasickness. Try sticking to something a little bland, just so your stomach has something to settle it down with.

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