• Find Your Way to P-Town on Our Ferry

    Provincetown is a beautiful place to spend the day or the weekend, especially if you live nearby. Captain John Boats can take you over to P-Town on our ferry , so even the travel will be enjoyable.

    If you’re planning on heading to Provincetown and you want the trip to be as simple and fun as possible, consider booking a trip on our ferry. The Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours crew is courteous and professional, and our ferry is climate-controlled. On our ferry, you can enjoy gorgeous views on your trip. The excursion usually takes about an hour and a half, and you’ll enjoy full galley service in addition to magnificent views. Kids who are three years or younger also get to ride for free. You can even bring well-behaved dogs with you, as long as they’re on a leash.

    Are you looking for a ferry in Plymouth that can take you to Provincetown? Call Captain John Boats at (508) 927-5575 and ask us about our fishing tours and whale watching trips, or peruse our website to see what we have to offer.

  • A Closer Look at the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary

    Just like state parks are dedicated to preserving wildlife on land, marine sanctuaries protect ecosystems in the water. Volunteers can take a ferry to keep an eye on the animals and look for change. Watch this video to learn about the Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary.

    The Stellwagen Bank Marine Sanctuary is a haven for birds and marine animals alike because there’s plenty of food to snatch up. The purpose of the sanctuary is to protect the ecosystem and its inhabitants, and volunteers learn about the changes by watching animals’ behaviors. Seabird activity is especially helpful when trying to understand changes in the ecosystem.

    Captain John Boats can take you out on a ferry in Plymouth and show you things you’ve never seen before. Please visit our website for information about our whale watching and deep sea fishing trips, and give us a call at (508) 927-5575 for more information.

  • What to Expect When You Go Deep Sea Fishing

    Start practicing way ahead of time if you’re planning a deep sea fishing trip , and if it’s your first time, know what to expect. The ferry should have food and drinks available for passengers, and you can catch dinner for later if you practice enough. You’ll also get the chance to meet other anglers who share your passion. Read on and learn what to expect when you go deep sea fishing.

    Available Food and Beverages

    Your deep sea fishing trip may last anywhere from four to 14 hours, depending on the size of your budget and how much time you’d like to spend on the water. You may work up an appetite during a four hour trip and will most likely need to eat at some point if the trip takes any longer, but you can expect food and beverages available onboard. Those who are old enough to drink can usually purchase alcoholic beverages on the boat, making the excursion that much more fun and relaxing. There should also be food, snacks, and hot and cold beverages for the family to enjoy.

    Souvenirs for the Trip Home

    If you’ve been practicing in preparation for your deep sea fishing trip, you may catch a few souvenirs that you can take home with you. The one caveat is that you can only bring home fish within the legal size limit. If you accept a small fee, you can have your fish cleaned and filleted as well.

    Connections with Other Anglers

    When you board the deep sea fishing charter, you’ll be surrounded with people who have similar interests. This is a wonderful opportunity to pick up tips from other anglers, swap stories about past fishing experiences, and make connections with people you might not have otherwise met.

    Deep sea fishing near Plymouth is a fulfilling way to spend your time, and the crew at Captain John Boats specializes in deep sea fishing trips. Check out our website to learn more about our fishing trips, or call us at (508) 927-5575 if you have any questions.

  • The Parent’s Guide to a Family Whale-Watching Trip

    Whale watching is a popular activity for people who live in the Plymouth area, and it’s a great way to spend the day with your family. The tour will indeed take up a large chunk of the day, and the boats fill up quickly, so get your reservation in soon and enjoy the ride. Here’s the parent’s guide to a family whale-watching trip.

    Prepare for the Day

    Planning a family trip can be tricky, especially if you have young children. You need to know what your kids can and can’t handle before you start looking at your options, as well as what they’ll need throughout the day. A whale watching trip will take about four hours, so keep that in mind if your kids are particularly antsy. This includes the time it takes to reach the area where you can see whales and the return travel time as well. Since you’ll be outside the entire time, it’s a good idea to pack sunscreen no matter what time of year it is. Dress in layers so you can take them off if you’re warm and put them back on if you’re cold.

    Make Reservations Early

    Don’t wait to reserve your spots on the ferry, as they might fill up before you get the chance. Whale watching season is only so long, so get your itinerary together as soon as possible to make sure you and your family get on the boat.

    Enjoy the Experience

    Whale watching can be an unforgettable experience for the whole family, so try to relax and enjoy it. You might get much closer up than you thought you would, and sometimes you may even see dolphins in addition to whales. Bring a camera so you can document the trip and give your kids a small memento from the experience.

    If you’re planning on going on a whale watching tour in Plymouth, call Captain John Boats at (508) 927-5575. We’re happy to take you and your family out on our ferry so you can have the whale watching experience of a lifetime , so visit our website today.