Planning Your Fishing Club’s Deep Sea Charter Trip

If your fishing club is ready for a new adventure, a deep sea fishing charter could be the perfect solution. Deep sea fishing is much different from the freshwater fishing most clubs do, so it is a great way to change up your usual day on the water and to try your hand at catching new kinds of fish.

Our deep sea fishing trips are perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced anglers, and we can tailor the experience to meet your fishing club’s needs. On a deep sea charter, you can catch flounder, haddock, and Pollock, along with a host of other species. This unique experience is a great chance to bond with your club and discover new ways to indulge your favorite activity.

Captain John Boats offers affordable rates for group deep sea fishing expeditions and can create a trip designed to suit your group’s preferences. Start the process of planning your deep sea fishing trip near Plymouth by calling us today at (508) 927-5575.

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