Picking the Perfect Timing for Your Whale Watching Trip

The waters off the coast of Massachusetts have some of the highest whale concentrations around, which is why whale watching trips are so popular with tourists and locals alike. With such a large population of whales, you may be wondering if there is any time that is better for seeing whales than others. As you plan your trip, keep these tips for picking the perfect timing in mind.

Consider Spring through Fall

The peak season to find whales in their feeding grounds off the coast of Massachusetts is between April and October. Although these months are when whales are the most plentiful in the region, they aren’t the only time to see them. There is a high likelihood that you will see whales when you go on a trip any time of year. However, if you hope to see multiple whales or groups of whales, these months can be the best time to go.

Think of Comfort

Generally, it takes an hour or more to get out to the best spots for whale watching. Adding travel time to the time spent finding the whales once you reach your watching location, you will be out on the water for several hours during an excursion. Depending on the time of year, it can become very cold out on the water. Some people prefer to plan their trips for the summer months, when temperatures are more moderate, while other love the idea of getting out in the water bundled up in their winter clothing.

Trust the Captain

Seeing a whale is virtually guaranteed on a whale watching trip. At Captain John Boats, we offer a complimentary ticket for a future whale watching tour if you happen to miss out on seeing a whale on your initial tour. Ninety-nine percent of our trips end up with spotting whales, so trust your captain to determine the best time and places for your excursion.

Enjoy a whale watching tour in Plymouth with Captain John Boats on your next trip to the Cape Cod area. To reserve your spot on one of our tours, please call (508) 927-5575.

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