Dressing for Cooler Weather on a Whale Watching Trip

When you go on a whale watching trip, you can always expect temperatures on the water to be cooler than they are on dry land. This effect can be intensified when the seasons change and the weather is cooler overall. The good news is that that doesn’t mean that you have to limit your whale watching trips to summer. By dressing the right way, you can stay comfortable on the boat so that you can focus on watching the whales in their natural habitat. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your whale watching trip.

Layers are your friends.

At any time of year, but especially in cooler weather, dressing in layers for a boat journey is the best way to stay comfortable. Instead of wearing all winter clothing or all summer clothing, wear a sweater and jacket over a lighter shirt and pants over shorts. You can also opt to wear nylon pants with zippers around the knees that allow the bottoms to be removed to turn them into shorts. Layers let you adjust your clothing to suit changing conditions, so you’re never too hot or too cold to enjoy the trip.

The weather forecast is a good starting point.

Early fall and spring weather is unpredictable. Some days are hotter than expected, while other days can be freezing. Checking the weather forecast on the morning of your whale watching tour is a good starting point for getting dressed. You may learn that the day is going to be so cold that you need long johns under your clothes or that it is expected to be unseasonably warm, so you should dress for summer. Don’t forget to focus on the marine forecast instead of the in-town predictions, so you know what to expect on the water.

Hats and gloves are a must.

When the weather is cool, you’ll be happy to have a hat and some gloves for your time on the boat. Cold hands will keep you trapped inside the cabin trying to get warm, so gloves will give you more time outside to spot the whales. A hat will keep you warm and protect you from the beating sun.

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