• Spotlight on the P-Town Ferry

    You and your family are taking a trip up to Provincetown, also called P-town by its locals, and you want to experience something you can’t find on the mainland. Why not take the P-town Fast Ferry for a one-of-a-kind experience and a whole new way to get around?

    Taking a ferry, especially to P-town, can show you sites and wonders you never dreamed you would see. There’s the possibility you could do some whale watching if the whales venture inland. You might see several deep sea fishing boats and find your next excursion idea. Even the simple relief of sitting back in the calming rocking of the ocean versus the harried experience of driving the freeways is enough reason to take the ferry. The P-town ferry is a fast, inexpensive way to get you to the town where it’s at, and it’s calling to you.

    Captain John Whale Watching & Fishing Tours in Plymouth, MA is here for all your tour and ferry needs. Call (508) 927-5575 to learn more about their P-town Fast Ferry serving Plymouth to Provincetown.

  • Tips for Traveling on Ferries with the Kids

    If you plan on taking the ferry to Provincetown for a whale watching excursion with your kids, you may be interested in ferry travel tips. While ferries are very safe, it’s important that kids follow these important rules to ensure that they have a fun, comfortable journey. Here are some ways to prepare your kids for their ferry ride.

    Talk About Safety Rules Ahead of Time

    Before embarking on your ferry adventure, take some time alone with your kids to discuss ferry safety rules. All children should wear life vests while on a ferry, even if they are good swimmers. Discuss the importance of appropriate, polite behavior while on the ferry, emphasizing that there shouldn’t be roughhousing, running, or yelling, as these activities can be a safety hazard. You should also tell your children not to wander off alone, particularly to the ferry deck.

    Take Advantage of the Ferry’s Galley Service

    Part of the fun of family travel is indulging in new, exciting experiences. Set aside some money in your travel budget for the ferry’s galley service. Your kids will love taking advantage of the treats that the kitchen has to offer, and eating on a boat will be a novelty. You can relax in the comfort of the ferry’s cabin, and enjoy the luxury of the ferry’s galley service.

    Spend Some Family Time Together On the Ferry Deck

    If the weather is nice, you should spend some quality family time together on the ferry’s deck. You’ll have amazing views of the water, and may even get to see some sea life. Ferry travel is never boring, and your kids will be entertained for the entire journey just watching the sky and water.

    At Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours , we offer affordable, safe, and reliable ferry service on our P-Town Fast Ferry in Plymouth. Our ferries are comfortable, cost-effective, and are the fastest and most scenic way to travel between Plymouth and Provincetown. To learn more about the schedule and rates for our ferry service and fishing charters, call us today at (508) 927-5575.

  • Reasons the Provincetown Ferry Is So Popular

    The Provincetown Ferry transports guests from Plymouth to beautiful, quaint Provincetown. The ferry is fast, reliable, and offers gorgeous views of Plymouth Harbor and Cape Cod Bay! If you want to explore historic Provincetown, here are some reasons why there’s no better way to get there than the Provincetown Ferry.

    You Can Avoid the Stress of Heavy Traffic

    When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to spend the majority of your time commuting through heavy traffic. The Provincetown Ferry allows you to relax and let someone else do the navigating. You can take advantage of the comfortable, climate-controlled cabin, and the ferry’s full galley service, and have a drink or meal while enjoying the company of your family or traveling companions.

    The Ferry Lets You Relax and Enjoy Amazing Views

    Whether you’re in the cabin or on the ferry’s deck, you can relax and enjoy amazing views of the water. You may even spot some wildlife in the bay. A trip on the Provincetown Ferry will make your vacation even more memorable and special by offering you sights and experiences you otherwise wouldn’t have. If you’re traveling with children, they’ll enjoy safely exploring the ferry while you relax on the deck or in the cabin.

    You’ll Have More Time to Explore Provincetown

    Because the Provincetown Ferry is much faster than driving, you’ll have more time to take in the sights and attractions of Provincetown. You can use that time to visit one of the many beautiful beaches along the coast, or shop for souvenirs, artwork, and gifts in Provincetown’s eclectic shops. You’ll even have time for a whale watching excursion or deep-sea fishing charters.

    At Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours, we operate the P-Town Fast Ferry in Plymouth . Our ferry will get you from Plymouth to Provincetown in just one and a half hours, and our experienced ferry staff can give you expert advice on the best attractions and activities to check out while you’re in Provincetown. For information on our ferry rates and departure times, call us today at (508) 927-5575.

  • See the Sights of Cape Cod

    If you’re planning a Massachusetts vacation, the trip won’t be complete without checking out the amazing attractions on Cape Cod. Take a whale watching tour, book a fishing charter, or take the ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown for a fun, interesting day trip.

    Watch this video to get great ideas for your Cape Cod vacation. With beautiful beaches to explore, fishing and whale watching tours, and amazing shopping and dining opportunities, it will be hard to fit everything in.

    For great advice on what to see and do around Cape Cod, contact us at Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. We provide educational and exciting whale watching excursions, deep-sea fishing for novice and experienced fishermen, and a P- Town Fast Ferry from Plymouth to Provincetown. Call us today at (508) 927-5575 for more information.

  • Traveling to P-Town with Your Four-Legged Friend

    When you want to bring your dog on your family vacation, you have to worry about finding hotels that allow pets. Luckily, you won’t have to leave your four-legged traveling companion in the hotel all day while you explore Provincetown. The P-Town Fast Ferry allows you to travel from Plymouth to Provincetown in style with your leashed dog!

    During the trip, you and your dog can enjoy the fresh ocean air and amazing views from the ferry’s deck. When you arrive in Provincetown, your dog will love exploring the sights and smells of the historic town’s streets. There are several restaurants with patios that allow dogs and owners to dine together. You can take your dog shopping on Commercial Street, where shop owners offer dog biscuits and water to dogs. There are also beaches, trails, whale watching tours, sunset cruises, walking tours, and sightseeing trolleys that are dog-friendly.

    To book a trip for you and your dog on our P-Town Fast Ferry in Plymouth , contact us at Captain John Whale Watching and Fishing Tours. Simply let the ferry staff know that you plan to bring your dog with you. To make a ferry reservation or to learn about our fishing charters, call us today at (508) 927-5575.